Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A few "The Most ..." moments

A somewhat random smattering of the "most X I've seen in weeks:"

The Most Romantic: Runaways Cafe II by Marilyn Hacker

For once, I hardly noticed what I ate
(salmon and broccoli and Saint-Véran).
My elbow twitched like jumping beans; sweat ran
into my shirtsleeves. Could I concentrate
on anything but your leg against mine
under the table? It was difficult,
but I impersonated an adult
looking at you, and knocking back the wine.
Now that we both want to know what we want,
now that we both want to know what we know,
it still behooves us to know what to do:
be circumspect, be generous, be brave,
be honest, be together, and behave.
At least I didn’t get white sauce down my front.

Via Poem In Your Pocket.

The Most Inspiring: Now Or Never:

The Most Clever: MaKey MaKey

What would you add?


The Most Ingenious: Biff Tannen (of Back to the Future) fame carries around this FAQ:

(Click to enlarge that)

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