Monday, May 21, 2012

In A New York (City) State Of Mind

You'd think, having grown up in New York State, that I'd have done the New York City thing many a time. But you'd be wrong. While I've been to The City a number of times (quite a few, passing through on a Bus at 3am -- good times!), I've really never played tourist there. That is, until last weekend.

My cousin Samantha was graduating (I'm so happy for her!) and my family was converging on the Big Apple to celebrate. And celebrate we did! With pizza, cake and lots of wonderful time spent schmoozing with family. While we were in town, Shira arranged a bit of site seeing so that myself and our 7 year old could have a proper visit.

Two main highlights of the trip included a trip up the Empire State Building and watching The Lion King on Broadway. I'll admit it, I was skeptical about both. The top of a building? What's the big deal. And Lion King? Really? And man, was I so wrong.

First off, Shira got us express tickets for the Empire State Building. What a thrill it was to skip all the long lines, and be escorted to the very front. Sure, the express ticket may have cost and arm and a leg, but it was the closest I'll probably ever get to feeling like royalty. And the view from the top really was spectacular. There's just *so* *much* city! Yikes. And bam, there's Central Park in the middle of everything. Definitely recommended.

And then were was Lion King. The show is an amazing mix of actors and puppetry (for lack of a better word). On one hand, the production couldn't be more technically slick. On the other hand, the whole show a had a sort crude and minimal theme to it. It just made for a gorgeous and unusual experience.

Our 7 year old everything as well, and got a real kick out of Times Square. He took some awesome photos, which I hope can get around to blogging.

All in all, I really couldn't ask for anything more this weekend. Family. Fun adventures. Yummy pizza. It was just perfect.

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