Thursday, June 14, 2012

Altoids Tin to the Rescue - A Math Games Surivival Kit

So I'm totally sold on the power of Games for Math to help teach our 7 year old various mathematical concepts. And, I'm also in love with packaging up gear (especially in Altoids tins). So it was a natural idea to mix the two together.

So here you go, the core items needed to play most of the games in Game for Math. Of course, being an Altoids Tin, it's compact enough to take anywhere.

  • A sheet of stickers
  • A 6 sided die
  • Quarters, Nickles, Dimes and Pennies
  • The tin itself
  • 20 colored paper clips
  • 20 index cards, cut to fit
  • A 10cm and 10in piece of string, with a black mark for each inch or centemeter
  • Not shown: a tissue stuffed into the top to keep the items from moving around and making noise

Using these simple items, you can play counting, measuring, arithmetic more games.

If I really had it together, I would create a Google Spreadsheet that named each game and gave a quick synopsis to remind one how to play. Like other books I've read, this one cries out for a mobile app to go along with it. The app wouldn't need to do anything more then recount each game, but still, that would be a huge help.

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