Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Blog Worthy Breakfast Sandwich

One of the first rules of blogging: don't blog your meals. And, if you're going to blog your meal, at least have a great photo of it. Well, I'm about to break both rules.

This afternoon, our 7 year old came home from camp and reminded me just how yummy the sandwich he invented this morning was. I agreed, in fact, it was so impressive, I've decided it was blog worthy.

The last few mornings we've been making sandwiches for breakfast instead of the usual cereal and milk. We keep running out of ingredients, so we have to improvise. Here was today's sandwich:

  • Start with a whole wheat burrito style tortilla
  • Add shredded colby jack cheese
  • Add a slice of tomato
  • Microwave till the cheese melts
  • Add herring in wine sauce
  • Add Cholula hot sauce to taste

It's sort of a Mexican meets Brooklyn combination.

And it worked.

Apparently no told him he was supposed to recoil at the thought of eating hearing in wine sauce!

OK, enough blogging about food, I'm getting hungry...


  1. Tortillas and Cholula are also a great way to get rid of dinner leftovers at lunch. Just chop the leftovers together, put them on a tortilla, add sauce and microwave, then add shredded lettuce and roll up. Not fancy, but it helps make room in the fridge and can use up amounts of leftovers too small to make a meal by themselves.

  2. That's a really good point TechNeilogy! I never realized how nearly anything can be burrito'ized if you add Cholula and shredded lettuce.