Friday, August 31, 2012

The Mors Kochanski Survival Kit

This morning I discovered Mors Kochanski, an outdoor geek if there ever was one. I've seen one of his common quotes floating around the web, but never looked up who said it: The More you know, the less you carry.

Even though his Wikipedia page has a photo that makes him look like an 19th century woodsman, he's actually alive and well and on YouTube.

I really dig his idea of a survival kit. It's a nice blend of minimalism, low budget and novelty. Here's a graphic describing it:

And here's a video of him walking through the kit.

The kit is bigger than my day hiking kit, but certainly more versatile. I'd certainly consider carry that kind of weight if I was trampling around the some frozen forest in Norther Canada.

Definitely fun stuff for any outdoor gear head.

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