Monday, August 20, 2012

I Think This Couple Just May Have Staying Power

No, these are not instragram creations -- these are the real deal. While visiting Rochester, my mother-in-law passed these photos onto Shira. Apparently she had developed a random single use camera, and these gems are what were found.

Even though I look like I'm about 10 years old, these were actually taken while I was in college (say, 16 years ago or so). I don't have any recollection of the trip(s?), but I can see in at lest one of them that Shira's wearing a shirt with "BISON" written on it, which if I memory serves, was University at Buffalo's information system.

Look at me sporting the Tevas and the hair that was about 4 weeks overdue for a hair cut. Guess this proves that Shira loved me for more than my looks.


  1. You two are adorable. Always have been. And Shira looks like she did then. You both do. Wow. What great memories.

  2. Did Shira actually give you permission to post these? hehehehe Awesome pics. :-)

  3. Thanks, George! Sure is wacky to see us back then!

    And Elana, no, I did not give permission... I wasn't asked. But, they are precious, and I would have given permission for most of them. Well, one of them. :)

  4. Hah! I really don't think anybody's analyzing the photos enough to nitpick any details that you might find embarrassing, Shira!

    I agree with George, you two look exactly the same as--well--the last time I actually saw you, around 2004ish? But I've certainly seen pictures since then (thanks to Ben's blog!), so I can say that you look the same even now.

    Looks like you two are on the same aging cycle as Lacey and I are! We still usually get carded for alcohol at 34 :)

  5. SO awesome! Ben, you look like such a baby...and SHira, you don't age! I'm jealous :-)

  6. Thanks guys!

    I very rarely have the courage to publish photos without my censor's approval, but this time, I just had to take that chance :-).

    Thanks for having my back!