Thursday, August 02, 2012

Gotcha of the Day: Finding trace statements generated by Adobe AIR's adl.exe

For the most part, I'm quite happy doing mobile AIR development using the Flex 4.6 SDK. I can trivially test the application using adl.exe.

My only complaint? trace statements refuse to show up on the console.

I've double checked to confirm that my framework XML file has debug set to true, and that I'm kicking off mxmlc with -debug=true.

I did manage to get trace statements to appear briefly by running adl.exe -nodebug foo.xml - but, as the option suggests, that turns off debugging and means that stack traces don't appear.

After much poking, I finally found the answer. The trace statements are being generated, and rather than being sent to the console, they are being stored in a log. Specifically:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Macromedia\Flash Player\Logs\flashlog.txt

Apparently this can be tweaked, but that's the first place you should look for it.

Man, it's nice to have trace() to use again - my all time favorite debugging tool.

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