Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Bird Song and Photography Wishes

I don't know if it's the daylight saving time switch, the hope that Spring is right around the corner or just the result of late night blog reading, but this morning the bird song on the way back from the bus stop was especially glorious. Here's a few seconds of audio:

Unfortunately, you can't hear the occasional burst of sound from a woodpecker off in the distance.

For days now I've had an urge to grab my DLSR with its telephoto lens and go hunting for bird snapshots. I'm convinced that the active birds, foliage free trees, and ability to get up close, would result in shots that look like they came from some exotic safari and not from a neighborhood walkabout. Alas, lack of time and a little concern that my fellow Arlington residents may think I'm up to no good, have kept me from trying this experiment.

But those are silly reasons. I've really got to give this experiment a go.

Update: What do you know, today is actually the first day of Spring. I suppose my comments about Spring being right around the corner were a bit off.

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