Monday, March 25, 2013

Two Resources for a More Festive Holiday Season - Whenever I have a programming question, I find more often than not,t's been answered on Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a site where individuals post questions, answers are given, and then scored as to their quality. The result is that the best answer is shown at the top, but all answers are shown. Turns out, there's a site using the same engine, but for Jewish topics. And of course, there are lots of questions relating to Passover. If you're looking for a resource to spice up your seders and get people talking, look no further than this site. You're sure to find some fun and tricky questions to get people thinking.

Omer Learning Project - We're doing the Omer Learning project again this year. Sign up, and follow along as we count each day of the Omer and learn study a bit of Jewish Knowledge. This year's topic: Mishlei (The Book of Proverbs). Why not follow along and get a daily dose of wisdom?

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