Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Next Door Nature Scaled Down - Fort Bennett Park

One of the best parts of Geocaching is that you're often introduced to little gems in your own backyard that you would never have discovered. This is exactly what happened when I decided to go hunting for cache GC2KXDA, titled "Well, well, well."

What I found at the site was, no surprise, an elaborately covered well along with signs telling the history of the area and even a Witness Tree. Poking around further I found a trail, which I would later find out is the Palisdes Trail. The trail is only about 500 meters long, but it was so quiet and woodsy I very much liked it. I felt like I was rudely interrupting the birds as I jogged along the trail disturbing them. How I wish I could have stopped, listened and learned. I even thought I saw a flash of red dash off in the distant trees, which in my mind's eye was a red fox (thankfully, not this one), but more likely was probably someone's fluffy cat.

The area I was exploring is known as Fort Bennett Park, and has some interesting history to accompany it.

All in all, the location is really wonderful and would make a fun place to come back and explore with a little one. I think it would also work great as a sit spot, a location you return to day after to day, to observe and learn about birds in the area. It's next door nature on a small scale, but a gem none the lees.

Here's a few snapshots to get the flavor of the area:

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