Thursday, March 07, 2013

One Last Rainy Day Activity

The Snowquester was a no show. And rather than having the chance to romp around in a winter wonderland, we got to watch rain and slush from our living room window. As the day was finishing up, our 8 year old and myself decided we'd do one last activity. It's one we've turned to in the past when we didn't want to anything too mentally taxing. Here's how it works: we grab whatever board games and objects are handy, and start stacking and building.

Before we knew it, was had some of structure with a train motif going. It didn't really matter, it just kept us both occupied.

Had we had more time, this would have been a fun exercise to take some macro photos of and experiment with making our own graphic novel. Or better yet, I could have just video taped him destroying the sucker and we could have examined it in slow motion.

Luckily, we didn't take it that seriously.

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