Monday, June 10, 2013

15th Anniversary Trip - Day 11

Day 11, our last full day in Paris. You would think the list of things to do would be quite long. However, that wasn't the case. That's because today is Monday, and on Monday, most museums and sites are closed. As I flipped through our Frommers Paris, I kept finding interesting site after interesting site that was closed today.

I finally found one that looked especially interesting: Musee de l'armee. As the name suggests, this is a military musuem. Frommers promised "if it can kill, it's enshrined here." And they're pretty much right, the museum was massive covering everything from stone weapons to D-day. Of course, there's a huge amount of history to go with it, so much so, that I quickly lost track of France's timeline.

The Musee de l'armee is housed in a building adjacent to Napoleon's Tomb, and had a special exhibition of the emperor himself. Also included in the museum was an impressive set of relief maps, which are effectively 3D models of a particular location. These maps were used for military planning purposes, and one can only imagine the effort that went into creating them.

After the museum and a visit to Napoleon's tomb, we made our way back to the section of town with a number of Kosher restaurants. I stuffed myself full of schwarma, falafel and parve deserts from the Kosher bakery next door. I more than needed the long walk back to our hotel to try to walk off some of lunch. Even 6 hours later I can't imagine taking another bite of anything (but I will, of course. Probably a piece of french bread or pastry.).

On our way back to our hotel we stopped at one of the lock bridges we had seen. I purchased a 2 euro lock, and using one of the tools on my key chain, etched in a message. We bolted it to the fence through the keys in the Seine. If our wedding 15 years or so ago didn't make it official, this lock surely has. We're in love.

And now I've got to turn my attention to the less fun part of the journey. Things like packing up, starting to plan our trip to the airport. What an awesome trip it's been, I couldn't ask for it to have gone any differently.

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  1. Happy 15th anniversary, you guys! You surely celebrated with a bang! :)

  2. Thanks! Yeah, not sure how we're going to top this for the 20th...I guess I have 5 years to figure that out ;-)