Thursday, June 20, 2013

When Boys Turn Into Giants

I know, every time I see my friend Danielle and her four boys I have to post something on my blog about how grown up they are and how old I am. It must get old for readers. And I'd like to stop. But it happened again last night! The crew was in the area and stopped by for a little face to face catch up time (something we're way overdue for). I ask you, please explain how this:

turns into:

Granted, that took 7 years. But in my whole life I never had a 10th of that muscle on the couch.

Still, I've come to the same conclusion as always: I'm old; they're grown up.

I'm especially proud of the older boys, as they are both playing baseball on their college team.

Also, for the record it's still "the four boys" - it's just that one of them was on a canoeing trip at the time of this photo. Man it sounds like a terrific adventure.

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