Tuesday, June 04, 2013

15th Wedding Anniversary Trip - Day 4

Finally, a day in Paris where we would actually get to see some of Paris. But what to do? For simplicity, we decided we'd pick one of the walking tours in our Frommer's book and see where it took us.

The first walking tour went so well, we decided we'd do the other two included in the book. That was about 6 miles of sight seeing.

The tours made for a diverse day, we saw various "Hotels", churches and the Pantheon as well as more esoteric items like the narrowest street in paris, the oldest houses and the location where the term "bistro" was first used. It was just delightful.

For all the amazing sights though, the best experience in Paris may be a simple trip to the Patesserie. Every day of the trip has started by stocking up on various breads, crossaints and other miscellanous items. They have all been heavenly. Today we tried a black bread mixed with Chocolate which I lack the words to describe how good it was. We also tried a raspberry treat was equally as good, but I'm not even sure what it was. It clearly wasn't bread or a cake. It was just delicious. I could go on and on about the bread products, but I'll spare you. I'll just say that Paris is not onboard with the whole Atkins craze, and lives in a parallel universe where carbs and chocolate are considered essential.

My gosh Paris is large. Their metro system makes the DC one look like a toy. But to Shira's credit, she got us to every point we needed to without a single incorrect train selection. Regardless of its size, it seems that everywhere you look is an amazing building, street or Church. Everytime I think we've seen the most impressive site, we turn the corner and see something new. This is truly a city you could explore again and again and still not see it all.

I'm actually composing this blog post not from a hotel room but from a night train. We're on our way to Venice. If all goes exceedingly well, when we wake up tomorrow, we'll be in a new country with a new city to explore.

We are sharing a sleeper car with a delightful couple from Milan, Italy whoe speak about as much English as we do Italian. The sleeping arrangements are pretty tight, though not as tight as they could be. There's 4 of us in this one car, but there could be 6 sleeping in the same space, so I'm thankful.

It's past our bedtime, and I'm curious to see if I can catch any Zzzz's in our little cube, so I'm going to say goodnight. See you in Venice!

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