Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Simple and Clever - Irresistibly Creative Hacks

Here's a smattering of simple and clever hacks I've come across today:

  • Instant Free Lending Library - I've seen this sort of setup before, and I love it. In fact, a while back Shira finished a book she had picked up off the freebie shelf from the library. Now that she was done with it, how should it find its next owner? A little lending library in a mailbox in front of our house would have been a great way to pass it on to a stranger. (Instead, we shared it with a friend who was interested in reading it.)
  • Book Title Poetry - What a wonderfully simple and creative idea. I bet this could be a painless way to introduce kids to poetry.
  • Graphite Powered Player Piano - This simple little electronics project does a great job of showing how a basic idea (using pencil marks as a resistor) can be used in really clever ways. I need to collect up these parts for a rainy day project.
  • Portraits without Faces - This is really thought provoking collection of portraits, all without a single face showing. Very clever. Vai: FadedAndBlurred.com

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