Friday, August 16, 2013

A "Wife Speak" Pop Quiz

OK married gentlemen (and ladies in a same-sex-marriage), here's your pop quiz for the day. Suppose you find some super delicious Whoopie pies in the freezer and on outside of the ziplock bag was this message:

(Text: "Pumpkin - think before touching")

Do you:

(a) Think, awwwww how sweet, she took the time to save me a few extra Whoopie pies from our last batch. And look at that, she wants me to think of how special she is while I eat them.

(b) Think, uh oh, better not touch these. That may look like an innocuous statement, but really it's a threat to my happiness and perhaps life as I know it.

(c) Too late, I'm already in trouble.

(d) None of the above. Answer in the comments below.


  1. Anonymous1:02 PM

    While I am not a married gentleman or a lady in a same sex marriage, I do know your wife and think you'd be wise to go with (b) until further clarification can be obtained. However, should you decide risking your life is worth it and go with (a), you better save me one...Perhaps you will get recovery points for sharing :-)
    See you tonight at boxing!!!

  2. I'm curious to see which option you chose. Jim's response when I showed him your pop quiz was "No comment." :-)

  3. Anonymous - you are a wise one. For the record, I did come home and showed him where the chocolate ones were...

    Jen, Ben is still alive, so apparently he chose wisely!

  4. My answer: technically, Shira meant (b) but I've been married long enough to know that the difference between (b) and (c) can be incomprehensibly small.

    Love you babe!