Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fearless Frenchmen

I suppose you could spend all day trolling Vimeo looking for videos filled with breathtaking scenery, soothing music and downright insane people risking life and limb. But this little gem has to be among the best. It consists of two Frenchmen Base Jumping and walking a tightrope in the most amazing / terrifying of locations.

My favorite bit of dialog comes at around 4:24. It goes like so:

Frenchman #1: You can't fall the other side, you'll hit the cliff...
Frenchman #2: No you won't!
Frenchman #1: Yep - there's a ledge just down there.
Frenchman #2: If you fall with no initial speed you can turn and track away.
Frenchman #1: No!
Frenchman #2: I'm sure you can!
Frenchman #1: You'll hit at 4 seconds with no chance to turn or track.
Frenchman #2: Yeah, you're right, OK

Whoops, apparently that jump spot was deadly. Oh well, at least they figured that out *before* they jumped.

Seriously, if you've got a few minutes to kill, you've got to watch this film:

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