Monday, August 12, 2013

Nats Game for the Win

We hadn't been a Nats game in over a season. Finally, the 4 Boys kicked our butts into gear, and we managed to see the Nationals play the Phillies. The weather was perfect, the home team won and the performance by Strausburg was outstanding (not that I knew that at the time). We didn't see any home runs, though we did see a lot of very solid baseball.

I especially enjoyed watching the game next to Caleb, who plays for his college baseball team. Apparently, at the college level pitchers throw in the mid to high 80mph range, the same as in the big leagues. Someone throws a rock hard object at me at almost 100 mph, I'm not hanging around to find out if it's a ball or strike; I'm fleeing for my life.

All in all, an awesome time. My only disappointment is that we managed to eat a late lunch so I didn't have a chance to gorge myself ballpark food. The Nats stadium offers quite a few vegetarian options and even some Kosher options, as well.

Oh well, next game!

Gooooooo nats!

If you're curious, Yes, that's William Howard Taft beating up a shark during the Presidents Race. Because, you know, it's shark week and such.

I couldn't resist making an animation of this valiant attempt to get the ball by a Phillies player: he's got it...he's got it...he doesn't got it.

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