Friday, May 09, 2014

Let there be Life!

A few weeks ago I dropped some seeds in the ground to see if I couldn't get something interesting to grow. So far, the weeds near where I dropped the seeds in place are doing great! Other than that, there hasn't really any fresh signs of life.

I still had quite a collection of seeds left over, so I figured what the heck, let me try growing some seedlings indoors.

Following various recommendations, I filled an egg carton with potting mix (versus seeding mix which is recommended, but not something I had), added the seeds, got them wet, and covered the whole shebang with Saran Wrap. This was on Monday.

On Tuesday, I gave the setup a little more water, and rather than run off and buy a plant warming mat, I moved the whole setup to the top of water heater.

On Wednesday, I inspected my pile of dirt and noticed some fuzzy mold growing. Well, at least something was growing. I Googled around and determined the fuzz wasn't a deal breaker and could keep the experiment going.

On Thursday I noticed to, my absolute shock and amazement, something green in the dirt. Holy smokes, one of the Sunflower seeds had split and was actually growing! Technically, I think the seed had germinated.

And here's the whole slimy mess today:

It's alive!

Next up, I replaced the Saran Wrap with an equally hacky cover, hoping that this would still trap moisture but allow for a little vertical growth:

Early this morning I put the setup outside figuring it would get maximal sunshine that way. However, as I was typing this post a massive crow came along and started poking at the cover. I quickly went down and rescued the seeds from the very hungry crow, moving them indoors. Man, I feel for those little seedlings; it's not easy being so low on the food chain.

I'm quite certain that I'm going to mess this up. But, what a fun experiment!

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