Sunday, May 04, 2014

Murder, Mystery and My Mother-in-Law

This afternoon, My Mother-in-Law and I toured Ford's Theater (Shira conveniently had a baby shower to attend). It's been years since I've been for a visit and they've since revamped the site. The museum, which you wander around before entering the theater itself, was large enough that I didn't get to see it in its entirety.

The story of Lincoln's assassination, which a good chunk of the museum is dedicated to, is just remarkable. It boggles the mind that a handful of individuals were able to take out a President. In the end all it took was a bit of social engineering (read: chutzpah) and a single shot Derringer to end the life of one of the most powerful people in the world. It didn't hurt that security was all but non-existent for Lincoln.

Along with the Derringer that was used, the museum also has Booth's pocket contents: a switchblade, whistle, compass, journal, bowie knife, handgun and 5 different "snapshots" of women. Not a bad EDC. As an aside, Lincoln's pocket contents are just as interesting. And he was heading for a night at the theater, not planning to go on the run.

Along with Ford's theater, we also made our way next door to the Petersen House, which also now has attached an equally interesting museum. Both of these sites would be fun places to take kids, as they try to make the exhibits quite interactive.

After the museums we met up with David and Maryn for a little bite to eat at Cosi. All that history made me hungry.

Here's a few photos. None of which I'm in love with.

Finally, I neglected to get a snapshot of my self and my Mother-in-Law at Ford's Theater. But here's one from Friday,so it will have to do.

What a fun and educational day!

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