Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Running Scott's Run

This last weekend we did a quick trail run through Scott's Run, a relatively small chunk of wilderness just outside the DC Beltway. What the run lacked in distance (we only did 2.75 miles) it made up for in gorgeous terrain. We did an obvious loop. However, I'm pretty convinced that we could cover more ground by taking some side trails or even doing some bushwhacking.

One of the neat features of Scott's Run is a waterfall that drops into the Potomac River. As we started our run I remarked how all the rain we had surely would make for a more robust display. Alas, we had a bit *too* much rain. When we arrived at the river it was obviously swollen. Check out the trees in the photo below:

And there were the "falls." They were more like a speed bump that day:

Still, the sun was shining, the trail wasn't too busy (at least away from the falls it wasn't) and we were out in the fresh air. What else could one ask for?

This would definitely be a fun place to take younger kids. They could tackle a full circuit and get the whole outdoorsy experience, all without leaving Northern Virginia.

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