Sunday, October 26, 2014

It's a Drive and It's Worth It -- Morven Park

Last night we attended our friends' son's wedding at Morven Park out in Leesburg. The wedding, food and festivities were exquisite (note to self: the idea of having 20+ varieties of cookies for dessert is an absolute winner! Yum!). And the venue, wow, what a place.

Morven Park is definitely worth the schlep (which, without traffic was about 45 minutes away; though the scenery and ambiance is a world away). The changing foliage made the place look like it was out of a storybook. Add to it the three museums on the grounds (where else can you see General Tom Thumb's personal coach or the Museum of Hounds and Hunting) and gardens, it's an absolute winner.

When we arrived fairly close to sunset, the place was crawling with photographers, snapping family pics.

Finally, the park hosts various experimental agriculture projects and is the home of the Presidentially Pardoned Turkeys! Though, there's no mention on the website of whether you can actually run into said turkeys.

Here's one picture of us from the evening. I'd love to go back and shoot many, many more.

Special thanks to our friend Leah for snapping the above photo - nice composition!

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