Thursday, October 23, 2014

Brain Candy v2.0 - Looking for a Creepiness Check

Two years ago I had a Halloween idea: why not hand out Play-Doh along with candy. The hope would be that this brain candy would foster creativity, versus just fostering cavities. To round out the idea, I thought I'd setup a photo upload site so folks could anonymously share their creations. Like most of my half baked ideas, it went nowhere.

And then, a few weeks ago I was walking through Wegmans and came across this offering from Play-Doh:

They just dropped this idea back in my lap.

So, I took up the cause again. Rather than an obscure tumblr address I went all out and registered I'm still using the Tumblr platform though, as it makes it trivial to take in anonymous picture submissions. Finally, I printed off some labels with the hope of inspiring and explaining the project. Here's what I've ended up with:

I think the odds of anyone actually sharing any pictures of their creations are miniscule, but I just have to put it out there.

I still have a few days to reconsider this little project. What do you think? Have I crossed the line into creepiness? Or will parents see this as a harmless / fun diversion?

By the way, I intentionally kept the site and labels pretty vague, figuring I could hand them out in other contexts besides Halloween. Heck, maybe I could drop some off in the various improvised libraries around town, or just setup my own little Creativity Library. Yeah, how could that fail?

Finally, I've got to send some praise to, the company that makes the labels I used. They have an online app that allowed me to create and print off the labels all without me leaving my web browser (and most importantly, without me having to fire up MS-Word).

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