Monday, October 20, 2014

What I Learned on The Trail

This marker wasn't intended to report the distance to the nearest bathroom, as I assumed. But was used to report the distance to Washington City. Or as most of us know it, Washington, D.C.

This graffiti wasn't authored by a fan of poetry, as I assumed to be the case. Instead, it was authored by a fan of Dave Mathews.

I can't find any evidence on the web (so it must not be true, right?), but didn't doors stamped with the word 'Globe' appear on the back of school buses? (As say, built by the Sheller-Globe Corp). If so, why would a door end up in the woods, off of 4 Mile Run?

And here are a few more photos I've snapped within the last week or so. Some are from the C & O Canal, and some are from 4 Mile Run.

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