Thursday, October 23, 2014

Art Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Next time you're visiting Bluemont Park in Arlington (perhaps to take in a round of Disc Golf, or maybe you're in search of a healthy vending machine snack), take some time to track down J.W. Mahoney's Named Stones art project. When you find it, you'll see a sign with this description:

Arlington artist J.W. Mahoney was one of four sculptors to participate in Onsite: '89: Bluemont Park Sculpture Project, a temporary outdoor sculpture exhibition. Although intended to be temporary, Mahoney’s work, Named Stones, which consists of eight rocks into which words are engraved, endures.

For a temporary art project, choosing to carve in stone was certainly an intriguing choice. Fortunately, most of the rocks are still there and in quite good condition. I ran by Amor and Psyche yesterday and grabbed a few pictures.

I love the relatively camouflaged nature of the project and how it leads to a sense of discovery when you realize what you thought were random rocks are in fact anything but.

Go, track them down. Here's Amor to whet your whistle.

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