Friday, January 30, 2015

Review: Char Bar

Well, any karma I earned for eating at a vegan restaurant last week was pretty much wiped out thanks to my trip to Char Bar last night. Char Bar is version 2.0 of Eli's Kosher Restaurant, and is a Kosher meat eater's paradise.

Eli's used to be the only full Kosher restaurant in DC, so while it wasn't the most beloved of restaurants, the food was always a treat for someone like myself.

As David and I learned last night, Char Bar is quite a number of steps up from the original. The ambiance alone is a huge improvement, trading what I recall as dim and cramped seating for a spacious and pleasant dining experience. And then there's the food. Gone are the classics like falafel and schwarma, and replaced are fancy burgers and $30+ entrees (glazed duck, anyone?). This might not be ideal for everyday eating, but for an every-once-in-a-while-special-treat, I'll take the fancier/pricier options.

Last night David and I split the Hickory Burger and a Steak Burger. They were both outstanding, and I left there so full I thought I might explode:

Seriously, I can't believe I ate the whole thing:

I've got to say, I'm really impressed. If you keep Kosher, and you haven't found your way to Char Bar, do so immediately. Heck, even if you don't keep Kosher, Char Bar is worth your time. Actually, that's probably the highest praise I can offer for any Kosher restaurant.

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