Thursday, January 15, 2015

Urbex for the Beginner

Urbex (as in Urban Exploration) is one of those activities that fascinate me. It's sort of like Geocaching, but instead of searching for some hidden cache, you're off exploring some long forgotten piece of humanity. Oh yeah, and it's usually, but not always, illegal (what with trespassing laws and all).

But man, the photographic opportunities are huge!

While there are some well known urbex sites in DC (some I've even photographed), the general attitude of those who participate is one of secrecy. Publishing too many specifics about a location is the perfect way to get it shuttered and/or vandalized.

Want to go exploring? I found this short guide to be really helpful.

For now, I'm much more likely to explore publicly available sites than say, climbing into subway tunnels. But still, what an awesome way to see the invisible parts of a city.

Go forth and explore - just don't forget the camera!

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