Monday, October 19, 2015

DC United - Rowdy Fun For The Whole Family

We had an outstanding time at yesterday's DC United soccer game. It was Shira's first, and my second (the last time I'd been was in 2009) DC United match. Not a whole had changed since my last visit: RFK is still looking incredibly run down, the cheese pupusas's were still quite tasty and the DC United fans didn't stop chanting for all 90+ minutes. We sat over in the family fan section, which gave us a slightly toned down version of the game, but one where we still stood for the vast majority of the game.

I'm still amazed how close we were to the action and how incredibly athletic the players are. Running for 45 minutes straight, that's crazy. Shira enjoyed the spectacle herself, though, was mortified when after the 4th 3rd goal someone in our section threw their beer in the air to celebrate. The result was a nasty shower we could have done without. But I suppose that's part of the joy of soccer, what it lacks in scoring, it makes up for in general rowdiness.

Definitely an awesome time!


  1. the beer shower came after the 3rd goal... last call happened before the fourth :-)

  2. Post fixed - thanks for keeping me honest!