Thursday, October 29, 2015

It's so Beautiful: Emacs and Chrome, Side by Side on Android.

For me, Android Multi Window support has always been a marketing optimized feature. Sure, the functionality looks good in demos, but because it's limited to specific apps, never really found myself able to use it.

However, I'm now officially sold. Turns out, Chrome and Gnuroot are both multi-window capable. In more Geeky terms, that means I can fire up emacs, kick off Racket, and place a Chrome browser either hovering over, or next to emacs.

Alas, words don't do this setup justice. Behold!

Gorgeous, right? And quite functional, too.

All this works out of the box, with no need to tweak anything. Learn more about Multi Window support here.


  1. I strongly approve both your browsing preference and the list of programs in your directory!

  2. Alas, my implementation of this exercise is a bit lacking so far :-) - but at least I've got a nice setup to work on it.