Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Kitchen Renovation 2016 | And We're Done

47 days ago we embarked on a journey: to turn our perfectly usable kitchen and dining room into our dream space. After 13 years in the house, I was convinced we finally knew what we wanted. Well, allow me to take you through that journey in 27 photographs. If I were really together, I'd have setup a time lapse camera to scientifically document the whole experiment. Instead, I simply stood around the same place in the kitchen every day and grabbed a panoramic photo.

I definitely enjoyed working from home during the construction. I'd wander down in my PJ work clothes and chat with the individuals doing the work. I'd marvel at how every aspect of the renovation came together, from ripping up the floor to watching them lay counters. I'm telling you, I saw our kitchen in absolute ruins, with only a plywood sub-floor and various holes punched in the ceiling, and now as I type this, the place looks perfect.


  1. Wow!!!! It looks amazing! The kids are going to be beside themselves when they come next year.

  2. Looks amazing... I need to hire you to document any future projects we do at our place.

  3. Thanks Elana - yes, the island was designed with the 4 kids in mind!

    Thanks Nick - it's not quite the level of quality I'd hoped for, but at least I got a lot of photos!