Friday, November 04, 2016

The Rivalry. The Pride. The Win.

No, I'm not referring to this epic game, I'm talking about one a lot closer to home: the football rivalry between Yorktown High School and Washington and Lee High School. Last night I attended my very first high school football game. Ever. It was Patriots vs the Generals and it was a truly delightful game to watch!

We were there to watch the Freshman team play, which apparently includes some 8th graders as well. Part of the fun of the game was watching the contrasts: some of the kids look like adults on the field, while others look like two tiny legs and a set of football pads. Some plays were executed beautify, others looked like a Laurel and Hardy routine. On the balance though, it was very good football and certainly very entertaining.

We came to cheer on a friend, and he didn't disappoint. It was his first year playing football, and so my expectation was that he'd spend most of the time on the bench. Not so. He had a fantastic game, racking up both a touch down and touch back. Most impressively, he ran down and tackled a run-away opponent on the 1 yard line. It was quite the impressive feat (oh, to be young again! Oh wait, even when I was young I could never have done that).

Here's one lesson I learned: it really helps if the football player you're tracking does you the favor of wearing either distinctive footwear or socks. Our friend was sporting orange shoes which meant that I could pick him out easily. The Mom in front of us was watching the kid in pink socks. You get the idea.

That was the last game of the season. Considering how well our star did, I expect we'll be back next year for more. Go Patriots!

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