Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Etrog 2016 Seeds Get Planted

I wish I could say that I planted my Etrog seeds a sort of gesture of hope given the outcome of our latest election. But alas, the image meta-data would give me away. I planted these on Tuesday morning when the world of politics made sense. Donald Trump's unlikely campaign would come to an end and the country could pat itself on the back knowing, whether you supported her or not, that we had elected the first woman president.

Yeah, it didn't happen.

This year I upped my game and purchased actual seed starting mix and proper contains to plant the seeds in. I laid out all the pots and started filling them. As I reached the last set of pots I realized I had more spaces than seeds. On a whim, I grabbed a regular old lemon, sliced it open and extracted a few seeds.

The symbolism of that choice is not lost on me. If you were a Hillary supporter, here's to taking a lemon and turning into something so much more. And if you were a Trump supporter, here's to hoping your choice will help us all grow and flourish.

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