Thursday, December 01, 2016

Colombia Adventure - Day 4

November 23, 2016

Day four of our adventures in Bogota started off with a fantastic hike about 45 minutes outside of the city. We drove out of the city on the twisty road that leads up and past Monserrate and caught some beautiful views of it and the city below.

The hike was supposed to take us by a number of waterfalls, and thanks to it being the rainy season we were not disappointed. Because of the altitude of Bogota (8675 feet!) and the additional altitude we had gained while driving, we were treated to a totally foreign set of plant life than what we're used to seeing. There were stunning flowers, apparently foxglove, just casually growing along the side of the road. We smelled (mmmm, lemony!), tasted (hmmm, spicy!) and touched (oooh, furry) our way through the hike which was a special treat. Even species that we have at home seemed to be supersized, like the stinging nettle which which was gigantic.

After our hike we made it back to civilization where we invented our own tourist activity: the Bogota Bakery Tour. Our friends Matt and Abbie took us to a number of their favorite bakeries so we could try it all (note: we'd already been to two of their favorites for breakfast). The first one was for savory treats, and was so exclusive that you had to ring an unmarked door to be let up. The second was for sweet goodies. The third was almost exclusively for cakes. And finally, we finished up the tour a place that specializes in cupcakes. Since leaving Bogota, Matt has informed me they've found another bakery in the area. The tour expands!

Finally, a tour up Shira's alley!

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