Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DC, Cherry Blossoms and the Trail to Nowhere

Driving in DC is a pain. Not just because of the traffic (though, that doesn't help), but because the laws of Cartesian geometry seem not apply. You think to yourself, surely if I know the general location of my destination, I can use basic logic to arrive there. This always fails, because streets simply do not connect in any sane fashion. You have to take the exact route, or you end up Georgetown. Unless of course you want to end up in Georgetown, and then you'll end up anywhere else.

Yesterday, I re-learned this lesson while trying to run from the Lincoln Memorial to Georgetown. I was enjoying the sunshine, and before I knew it, I was at the base of the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge heading back to Virginia, with no obvious way to get back to DC without having to backtrack.

Not a problem, I figured, I'll just snap a few pics of the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms in view and then I'd run across the bridge, back to safe, sane, Virginia. Come to think of it, I'd been over the Theodore Roosevelt Bridge a number of times, but never on this side. Now I was curious where this path was going to take me.

I made it across the bridge. And what did I find, but this:

What the heck?!

Instead of backtracking along the bridge, I pushed forward and finally hopped the guard rail to the Marine Corps Monument. No wonder I'd never been on that side of the bridge, it's not actually a trail that goes anywhere. It's just another DC trap. Classic.

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