Monday, March 13, 2017

Weekly Discoveries

Till You're Loved not only has a sweet beat, but it has a slick video to match. I certainly didn't see that ending coming.

I'm not sure what the deal is with this 300 Violin Orchestra, but I know if you need a psych me up for the big game/coding session, there's your tune.

Who knew that you could learn so much just by making a quill pen. Spoiler alert: all modern fonts are based on this ancient writing tool. Now I've got another reason to keep an eye out for bird feathers, as this would be a fun How To to replicate. This project pairs well with pokeweed ink, which is easy and surprisingly effective.

The Sophistefunk channel has a couple dozen or so playlists filled with interesting tunes. This bluesy and this chiptuney were stand out ones.

Finally, the most clever video of the bunch has to be Miike Snow's Genghis Khan. Having watched my fair share of James Bond flicks, I can tell you it's perfect.

Watch all the discoveries here.

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