Thursday, March 02, 2017

Gotcha of the day: Google Keep for Pebble Should Exist, But Doesn't

What I wanted was a Google Keep App for Pebble. That way, I could easily push lists --be they shopping lists, or turn by turn running instructions--to my watch with ease. Alas, such an app doesn't exist. No problem, I thought to myself, I'll just use the Google Keep API to effortlessly pull down JSON and render it on the watch. Alas, no such API exists.

What to do?

Rig something in Tasker, of course. Using AutoShare and AutoPebble, I was able to cobble together the following:

First off, I can start with any list:

Next, I can use the new Pebble Listify AutoShare command to send the list to my watch:

A few heartbeats later, my watch buzzes and shows me the list:

Of course, the list isn't editable, and it it doesn't properly display lengthy items. But, it does put the list on wrist with a couple of clicks, and for basic data, that's a win.

The only feature included with this little hack is that I can re-access the last list sent by navigating the menus on my watch.

The implementation of this functionality is quite simple. All I'm doing is capturing the text sent via AutoShare in a file and then in a separate action, sending this file as a list using AutoPebble. Most of the work was spent swapping out newlines in the body of the text with an alternative delimiter.

It may be ugly, but it gets the shopping list or turn by turn running directions right where I need them, so I'll take it.

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