Thursday, April 27, 2017

Using art to change the world, one discarded wrapper at a time

I can't resist heaping praise on this sort of project:

early in the morning, with a pen, a painting board, and no paper, I cycle in the alleys of Dali Old town and collect wasted paper. Once I find some paper or cardboard, I dismantle the wrappers, flatten it, and draw the architecture in front of me directly on it. After that, it will be nailed to the wall exactly where I picked it so that it could be seen by more people.

I mean, what's not to love? It's low-tech, low-cost and high-impact. The creator is literally turning trash into something beautiful and using art to fight pollution.

I love that this project ignored scalability and Just Did It. You could easily sit around wondering how you can use art to change the world, or you can get on your bike, find some trash, and actually change a small part of the world.

See the results here, they're truly wonderful:

Thanks to this talk for the lead to this project.

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