Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weekly Discoveries and the Role of 'Likes' in Art Appreciation

I'm not quite sure where my head was at last week, but musically I started off down tempo, and got even more somber from there with Syml's Where is my love. Things did pick up again with Big Wild's Aftergold, which is definitely a toe tapping beat.

Rone's Gravity is a fantastic creation. While it appears to be made up of little more than a single actress who does a whole heck of a lot of jumping, the results are nearly magical. It seems to me a great example of passion and effort over budget and computer effects.

And speaking of budget, Real Estate's Crime is a hilarious example of a (seemingly) budget driven video creation. Just mix un-dead extreme sports enthusiasts, an online ceramics sculpture business and old timey values and you've got a winning video, right? Right, indeed.

On the non-music side of things you've got Jay's road to art self discovery. It dovetails well with an art appreciation video I've posted before. At the end of the day, both videos share a similar message: when you focus primarily on the technical mastery of art, you're missing out on so many other important aspects.

In Jay's video he talks about how a simple drawing garnered an unusually high number of 'likes.' This opens the door to another interesting discussion: how much should 'likes' matter? Was Jay selling out because he adapted his drawing style to what people wanted? Or, was he rightly adjusting his style to best communicate with his audience? Clearly, chasing likes is a very bad idea. But using them as feedback that you're connecting, seems like a great idea. In Jay's case, 'likes' opened his eyes to the fact that a seemingly inferior drawing style could resonate more with his readers.

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