Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekly Discoveries - Political Rap, Hiking in 3D and Star Wars Awesomeness

I suppose it's more of a re-discovery than discovery, but Sade's No Ordinary Love is a song that transports me back to college every time I hear it. I don't even have a specific memory I associate with the song, it just brings me back to that time for reasons that are beyond me. So powerful.

I get that Oddisee's, Like Really is a political protest song, and an impressive one at that. But it's going to take quite a few more listens before I full process it. The opening lyrics are clear enough, though:

how you past due on payments, and I'm seeing you on vacation
how you gonna make us great when we were never really that amazing
take it back what, I don't find hanging black lives entertaining

Agree or disagree with the commentary, it is poetically delivered.

I always enjoy Joe Brewer's outdoor exploits, but one of his most hiking videos is especially interesting: he shot it with a 3D camera. The result is that as the video is playing, you can rotate the perspective, looking essentially in any direction. Is this a leap in film making, or just a gimmick? Time will tell, I suppose.

Bad Lip Reading productions are always pretty awesome, but they've outdone themselves with this Star Wars film: Not The Future. Yes, the lip reading is creative, but more than that, they've made an actually watchable and listenable tune. So well done! For more goodies, check out Bushes of Love and Seagulls!.

Check out out all the videos here:

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