Friday, February 23, 2018

7 Sounds - They're not music, but they're all mine

I've spent the last few weeks dabbling with my audio framework and it's definitely been educational. I'm not a lot closer to producing music, though I have been having fun making quirky sounds. Take this one:

A couple of times I tried to make tunes from my guesses what notes would power them. That was pretty much a disaster. Ultimately, I partially copied note-for-note this version of Super Mario Brother's Theme from Band.js and was delighted when it played correctly. This shows me that it's not my framework's fault that I can't put two notes together; it's clearly my lack of musical knowledge.

After having dabled with my own audio framework, the code for band.js is even more impressive. It's remarkable how similar our code is, even though I had different goals in mind. I guess there's only so many ways you can make an Oscillator Node generate a C note.

Here's a handful more tunes that I've authored. Like my visual poems they don't stand on their own. But they do have a similar quality of being built by experimentation, and most importantly being called a success if they come across as interesting.

It comes down to this: I may be just mashing keys on the piano, but at least I'm having fun. Grab the source code for all of this here, and go make something awesome!

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