Monday, February 12, 2018

A Cloud Settles over DC and a Mysterious Orange Goo

That's not a metaphor for the current administration. That's just a fact. Yesterday it got up to nearly 70°F and we had a morning full of rain. This all made for a surreal run through DC and the chance to grab some unique pics of the area.

You would think the orange gelatinous goo growing on the side of one of the trees near the Tidal Basin would be easy to identify. But alas, all my attempts to get Google to cough up an identity have failed. Any ideas what it is?


  1. That’s a jelly fungus. It’s probably Dacrymyces Palmatus, which is the most common North American yellow-orange jelly fungus, but there are dozens of less common jelly fungi that I can’t tell apart.

  2. Thanks Carl!

    I never realized jelly fungi was a time, I'll be more careful about grabbing detailed pics.