Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Loudly Organized | A DIY Tool Roll

There's just something professional about busting out a tool roll. I mean, show up with your surgical instruments haphazardly thrown into a bag, and there's little chance you'll inspire confidence. But unroll a neatly organized set of instruments, and the soldiers will practically line up for your to perform surgery on them. So yeah, I've always had a healthy appreciation for tool rolls and the like (and yes, bonus points if the kit fits in your pocket).

I don't technically need a tool roll for my job; not because I don't need tools, but because I've already got them nicely organized. However, I was looking for another easy, yet practical sewing project to cut my teeth on and making a tool roll was a natural choice.

I worked out my creation as I went: measuring, pinning, fitting the items in place and then repeating this process a couple more times.

The finished product came out surprisingly clean looking:

I punted on any sort of closure mechanism, opting for a rubber band. Though I may come back to this and see what I can come up with.

Next time I meet a client to talk about their idea, boy are they going to be surprised when I bust this bad boy out. Just like that Civil War surgeon, I shall inspire confidence through my meticulous set of instruments ready to tackle whatever gruesome task I throw at them.

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