Monday, May 14, 2018

A 20th Reunion filled with Friends, Fun and Family

This past weekend we relived our glory days by heading up to Philadelphia to celebrate Shira's 20th college reunion. We spent the weekend catching up with friends and ooh'ing and ahh'ing at changes on campus. Can I just say, we all look great. None of us have aged a day.

Because the reunion was over Shabbat, we did quite a bit of walking. While I know that Philly is a diverse and interesting city, I definitely came away more impressed than ever. From eclectic South Street all the way up (or over?) to the shaded pathways on campus, we saw a notable variety of restaurants, stores and architecture. The relaxed, yet visible police presence on South Street was more re-assuring than disconcerting. Even the protestors with signs proclaiming All Muslims are Terrorists felt more like an exercise in free speech than it did in an exercise of hate (the fact that they were getting heckled by far more counter-protestors no doubt helped with this).

After a packed weekend of fun, we stopped by Cousins Julia and Brendan's place to see their kids and Cousin Anne. We had an awesome time and I finally confirmed something I'd only suspected: people do live in Delaware after all, it's not just a series of roads to pass from one state to another.

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