Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Sewing a Wallet, v1.0 - Ugly, but Functional

For my birthday, my Mom picked me up a variety of fabrics and accessories to let me continue my sewing experiments. (Thanks Mom!) I decided a next easy project would be a wallet. In my mind's eye, the project couldn't be simpler. Sew on a pocket here, fold and sew over there, no big deal.

This morning, I attempted the project and was quickly brought back to reality. So yeah, I finished the wallet. And, it's functional. But yeah, I'm not quitting my day job anytime soon to run an Etsy store. Good lord this thing is ugly.

Check it out:

Recall that I don't keep anything identifiable in wallet, so it's really just a place to keep a few dollars and some random tools. Here's what's stuffed in the wallet at the moment:

The most used item from my wallet (besides the cash) is the Ikea tape measure.

As a fashion accessory, I'm willing to call the wallet a flop. But if I think of it as a functional prototype to help me build Wallet 2.0, it's a resounding success.

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