Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Version 1.0 of the Pocketless Pocket-Protector

I give you the Pocketless Pocket-Protector (PPP). Perfect for work from home-programmer who isn't always wearing pants...with pockets. I made this to be a more portable version of my Programmer's Toolbelt.

The PPP is a small pouch with a magnet sewn into the top. Using another magnet strategically positioned under your clothing, it can be worn like a name-tag. The photo above shows me wearing the PPP attached to a pair of nylon running shorts (also known as Business Casual around here). The PPP attaches to any metal surface, like our front door or the fridge. Through mostly good luck, the PPP is large enough, and secure enough, to hold my cell phone.

Like nearly every sewing project I've done so far, I had far more audacious plans in mind when I started the PPP. And while those complex plans didn't play out, the simple version of the project I arrived at is surprisingly functional. And like most of the projects I've completed so far, I've already got visions of producing version 2.0.

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