Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Caption Me: Divorced Birds Edition

I caught this scene on my run yesterday:

While I'm not sure of the caption yet, these pics do feel worthy of the r/DivorcedBirds treatment. And what is DivorcedBirds you ask? Reddit explains:

For pictures of fabulous fowl who look like serial monogamists. Please post pictures of birds who look like they are twice divorced (or more!) Pictures/Videos must be of actual birds (feathered fowl), not human women, not art or paintings or photoshopped. No dead birds.

In truth, that description doesn't do the sub-reddit justice. Divorced Birds is an exercise in (very) short story writing with the theme of, well, divorce. It captures so many emotions: anger, hope, envy, shame and more with just a pithy headline and follow-up comments. It ranges from unbelievably wholesome to downright wicked. Here's an example that's currently on the home page:

So, what's the deal with the above birds? Leave your divorce, or not, related captions as a comment.

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