Tuesday, March 16, 2021

On This Day, Blogger Edition

I recently built On This Day: Google Photos Edition. This tiny web app shows you photos you took on the current date going back 15 years. I built it originally for finding Zoom Backgrounds, but found it to be a suprising source of inspiration and entertainment.

I've been publishing this blog for almost 16 years. I've often struggled with maintaining past posts. Services (I'm looking at you, Google Picasa!) and technologies (and you, Flash!) have come and gone over the years, leaving some posts pathetically broken.

If had a tool like On This Day: Pics, that let me see what blog posts I created on this date, I could review and edit these posts. If I made this a daily habit, I could slowly work my way through my 6,500+ posts without breaking a sweat.

I give you: On This Day: Posts edition, a quick web app that dumps out the posts you authored on this day.

I see that most of the posts from today are still looking good. The video I shot of Shira driving in Australia back in 2009 still works, and the pics from our first day traveling in Singapore are also there.

I did find, however, that write-only a tool I made to experiment with append only writing was broken. After a few minutes of JavaScript debugging, it was back to working.

There's still a need for tools to help maintain my blog. The labels, for example, are a mess and a bulk-label-fixing tool has been on my radar for years. But this day by day, spot-check-and-fix approach seems to hold real promise.

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