Thursday, March 04, 2021

Yum! Greens n Teff, Vegan Ethiopian Goodness

We tried Greens N Teff last night for the first time, and it was an all around fantastic experience. GnT is a purely vegan Ethiopian place that opened down the street from us. Considering how much we like Ethiopian food and how rare fully vegetarian restaruants are in the area, this is a bit like winning the lottery.

On paper the place seemed great, but we tried to temper our expectations.

While on a walk in the warm'ish weather yesterday we placed an order and 25 minutes later dropped by to pick it up. GnT is tucked away in a tired looking part of the Pike. What we found when walked in delighted us: a spotless location with a warm couple who welcomed us and had our food ready. I asked about Minchet, a dish that was available to order but didn't have a description on the menu. Their response: here, try a sample. It was tasty, perhaps we'll get it next time.

Once home, we chowed down on our order. The Mushroom Tibs was probably the winner for the tastiest dish, though they were all solid.

There hasn't been a whole lot of great resterauant news for us during the pandemic. Heck, we lost our donut shop at the end of last year. But a vegan restaurant walking distance from our home? What more could we ask for?

Between GnT and Dama (also on Columbia Pike), we're more than covered for all our Ethiopian food needs.

Update: Apparently we aren't the only ones who are impressed with Greens N Teff. Arlnow reports that the community in general is a fan.

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