Thursday, March 11, 2021

You Need This Information | What to do in a Power Line Emergency

If you're think I'm blogging about power line safety as part of my disaster planning kick, I applaud your attentiveness. But no, this post is all thanks to the goofy sub-Reddit /r/ThatLookedExpensive.

Here's the Reddit post that inspired this PSA. It features a dump truck that makes contact with power lines and disaster strikes from there. The comments on the post talk about what actions you can safely take if you find yourself in this situation. Ultimately, someone linked to this dramatization offered by Puget Sound Energy.

As I watched this video, I thought to myself: how do I not know this information? This feels like information that I should know.

So yeah, because you live and drive near power lines, you need to know this information too. Take 5 minutes and watch the video.

For a quick recap of what to do during a power line emergency, check out my First Aid Cheat Sheet.

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