Sunday, October 17, 2021

Great Waves with a Great Nephew

[Composed: 8/29/2021]

Today we liberated G from his parents and hit up Great Waves Waterpark for some fun in the sun. Northern Virginia has a slew of water parks and after spending time at Atlantis, the park adjacent to Bull Run Campground we knew that we wanted to take G there.

Looking at the various drive times to each of the parks, Great Waves won out, and so that's where we spent the day. As the name suggests, this park has a large wave pool, something that Atlantis lacks, which I thought would be a blast.

The park wasn't especially busy and we had plenty of space to explore the little-kids area. The highlight for G was that there are decals of various animals placed in the kiddie pool and he liked to explore them. After a french-fry break, we made our way to the big boy wave pool. We donned life jackets and got comfy on an innertube and waited for the waves to start up. I thoroughly enjoyed it, G wasn't as impressed.

These area water parks are such a terrific resource. I can't wait to visit them all with G.

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